Extra – Reading With Wrigley – The Long Pour: Absinthe Makes The Heart Grow Fonder (Adam MacDonald, Tug van den Bergh)


By popular demand, here is the uninterrupted version of Tug van den Bergh’s story from Ep 5 guest Adam MacDonald‘s book, The Long Pour titled Absinthe Makes The Heart Grow Fonder, read by the one and only London barman, Jim Wrigley.

Jim Wrigley
Jim Wrigley. London barman with a golden voice.

For the Month of March, Adam is offering a 2 for 1 deal on The Long Pour.  It’s quite simple, go onto THEBARTENDERBOOK.COM, buy a book and he’ll ship you two books for no extra charge.  Give one to a friend or something.  It’s well worth the price of admission and is one of the most entertaining and funniest books I have ever read.  40+ stories just like this one as narrated by Jim Wrigley.

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Episode 005 – Confidence: Adam MacDonald



In Episode 5 of the Steve Schneider Show Podcast, Australian native Adam MacDonald, former TGI Friday’s Bartender of the Year, founder of Liquid Engineering, mentor to many in Norway and much much more joins Steve to chat about everything from competitions to traveling to creating his book, The Long Pour.  

A special off the cuff deal finds the listeners of the SSS an exclusive deal for the month of March 2015 in a buy one get one free of his book, The Long Pour, to anywhere in the world.  Go to www.thebartenderbook.com and simply purchase one book and you’ll get two. Simple as that.


Also, Episode 5 featured the very first segment of “Reading With Wrigley” as Jim Wrigley, the longtime London bartender with a voice of gold reads a story  from The Long Pour.

The story is titled “Absinthe Makes The Heart Grow Fonder” by Tug van den Bergh and is broken into 3 parts throughout the duration of the episode.  Stay tuned for a separate release of the full, uninterrupted tale.

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Episode 004 – Timing: Simon Ford

In Episode 4 of the SSS, we’re going big with none other than industry legend, Simon Ford.  He’s one of the owners of the 86 Co.  who made his mark as a pioneering global brand ambassador for Plymouth Gin.  His timing and foresight was impeccable, as throughout the growth of the cocktail culture, you’d find Simon at the forefront, providing a platform and a means for some of the best educational events for some of the world’s most influential bartenders.  The ever so infamous “expense account” along with some great chat and pure skill and knowhow of his products and the craft helped Simon transcend the industry and spread the love of what we do to a large number of people.  Go to http://www.the86co.com for more information about their products and a lot of great, no-BS, product knowledge and descriptions on there.


This episode is a long one, so sit back and enjoy the trip.  If you’d like to skip to any part of the chat:

Part 1 – (at 3 minutes in) Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro / London Days / Plymouth Gin

Part 2 – (at 38 minutes in) Plymouth Gin / Tales of the Cocktail / Spirited Awards

Part 3 – (at 106 minutes in) 86 Co.  Other Chat

The song featured at the end of the episode is Til The Phone Died by Baby Brother featuring my boys and great bartenders, Ian Douglas Hardie (Huckleberry Bar, BK) and Vincent Vitek (Belle Reve / Employees Only / Macao Trading Co, NYC). http://babybrotherband.bandcamp.com


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Episode 003 – Hustle: Tim Cooper (Pt. 2)

In Episode 3, Tim Cooper, owner of Sweetwater Social, Brand Ambassador for Spring 44 and longtime NYC bartender returns to finish his conversation with Steve.  Tim speaks passionately about the transition from bartender to bar owner, some fine details about being a brand ambassador for a small brand and the origin of the “Bird Rules”.  Real talk with one of NY real-est.



The song featured at the end of the episode is Real Long Way to Go by Brothers Nyc

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Episode 002 – Longevity: Tim Cooper (Pt. 1)

The Destroyer, Tim Cooper, chats with Steve about coming up as a bartender in the mid 90s and the modern day differences in culture in part 1 of a 2-part chat.  Keep those cocktail servers happy! Tim is a true example of a long-time NYC bartender. Stay tuned for part 2 of the conversation with Tim Cooper, owner of Sweetwater Social and Brand Ambassador for Spring 44 Spirits coming up in Episode 3.

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Episode 001 – Success! Dean Callan


New Year – New Show! Steve Schneider Show Episode 1 hits the airwaves with guest Dean Callan, Monkey Shoulder Global Brand Ambassador.

After an obligatory mission statement and show overview, Dean and Steve chat about competitions, iSpoons, shakers, traveling as a global brand ambassador and some hurdles along the way.

Success and do it yourself personified.

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