Extra – David Piper Reads The Long Pour: The 20 Euro Shag

In an effort to continue to raise awareness of the March special of The Long Pour at TheBartenderBook.com, and to have a bit of fun, we asked the Global Hendrick’s Gin Ambassador, David Piper, to read a passage of the book titled “The 20 Euro Shag” as told by Paul Flair.  In this story, Paul visits Romania for a bartending competition and after a few drinks, meets a lovely young lady who offers him a bargain of a lifetime…

David Piper channeling his inner Paul Flair
David Piper channeling his inner Paul Flair

As far as the book special goes, Episode 5’s guest Adam MacDonald is offering a 2 for 1 deal in the month of March 2015.  It’s quite simply actually, you go to thebartenderbook.com, buy a copy of The Long Pour and he’ll ship a second book free of charge.  It’s a hilarious collection of bartender stories and shouldn’t be missed by anyone who has ever stepped behind the bar.

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Thanks to all for downloading, as we’ve surpassed 10k downloads in less than 2 months!  Keep spreading the love and I’ll keep pushing out quality entertainment and insight in our whacky industry. Cheers, Warriors of the bar world!


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