Travel Episode – Singapore (Pt. 2): SG Cocktail Week 2015 (ft. Igor Hadzismajlovic, Nathan Beasley, Amanda Wan, Aki Eguchi, Peter Chua, Dean Callan, Nick Haas, Raveen Misra, Nick Koumbarakis, Evelyn Chick, Ivar DeLange)

Part 2 of 2: Singapore Cocktail Week Edition.  The week is in full swing, get the details and catch up with the international bartenders, along with some insight from local Singaporean bartenders in a fun, fast-paced episode of the SSS.  Special thanks to William Grant and all involved in Singapore Cocktail Week 2015.  Best of luck and thank you to all those in the Singapore Bar Community who showed us such a great time and made us all better bartenders!


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Travel Episode – Singapore (Pt. 1): SG Cocktail Week 2015 (ft. Zachary Connor De Git, Nathan Beasley, Ivar De Lange, Roman Foltan)

Finally! Part 1 of the inaugural Singapore Cocktail Week Travel Episode is here!  This episode is an introductory episode and gives a bit of a background and insight from the incredibly diverse team of international bartenders for SGCW.


There’s some real interesting information and insight from a collection of bartenders who couldn’t be any more different.  We’ll hear about what it takes to put on a cocktail week, we’ll learn a bit about Melbourne, odd operating hours and the drinking culture in Holland, what lengths the bartenders at the Artesian in London go to be the best they can be and much much muuuuuch more!

This is only the beginning. Stay tuned for Part 2 where we’ll introduce more bartenders both local and international, as well as provide full coverage of the amazing week that was the first ever Singapore Cocktail Week.

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Featured on this show: Zachary Connor De Git (Singapore), Nathan Beasley (Melbourne, Australia), Ivar De Lange (Holland), Roman Foltan (London).


Episode 008 – Wrestlemania! Joshua Gonzales

Joshua Gonzales from Thunderbird in Indianapolis chats with Steve about an epic Wrestlemania before talking about Thunderbird, the bar scene in Indianapolis and other bar chat.  Josh also speaks about the recent tough press of Indy and the rectification that came after.  This is a fun, light hearted chat with a really good dude about bartending and pro wrestling.  There are no pauses in this lengthy conversation so enjoy!

I’m looking forward to having Josh back for future bar chat and of course, pro wrestling breakdowns.  Smell what we’re cooking in Episode 8 of the Steve Schneider Show Podcast and subscribe!